1-Click Login Review : The magic Links for secure Passwordless Logins

1-Click Login Review

1-Click Login is for anyone who wants to simply and securely eliminate passwords from their website. Technology can be full of minor headaches and slight inconveniences. Having to re-enter your login details for every platform you use is one of them. Fortunately, technology can also be the solution. By adding one-click login to your WordPress site, you can streamline your admin experience.

I am sure that most of you are familiar with the term of one-click login, even if you are not familiar you have probably came across a one-click login before. Basically this is when a third party site uses Google to verify your identity and give you access to it’s content, for this scenario you wordpress site is the third party.

Thanks to 1-click login application which made life easy for users, this save time by quickly signing in with their wordpress account.

Let’s take a look at how to easily add 1-click login to your wordpress website.

1-click login review

What is 1-click login ?

This is for those who are just tired of the hassle of logging into WordPress when you can’t remember your password or constantly having to reset it for security reasons? This becomes an even bigger issue if you use WordPress as a membership site, where delivering products, courses, or recurring content memberships require frequent login assistance.

Sending a password or helping people to login can be a very painful. To address this problem once and for all this 1-click login wordpress plugin came in to picture which is introduced by Ankur Shukla.

What if you did not need a password at all? That is exactly what our plugin offers. Through the power of Magic Links, which are sent to your email, you can effortlessly log into your WordPress site With this innovative solution, there’s no need to remember passwords or store them in any third-party password apps. Simply enter your email, click the link provided, and you are instantly logged in.

How does it works ?

Imagine the frustration of forgetting your password and being locked out of your WordPress account. The tedious process is to repeatedly reset your password can be frustrating. How many times will you have to go through that cycle?

You might be tempted to rely on browser storage or password management services like 1Password or LastPass to store your passwords. But the question that arises is, can you truly trust them? Can you be certain that they won’t fall victim to a hacking incident, leaving your data vulnerable and leaving you helpless? Unfortunately, millions of users have experienced the incidents of such breaches.

It becomes clear that trusting big companies to safeguard your data and passwords is not a foolproof solution. Additionally, constantly writing down or forgetting your passwords is impractical.

This is where 1-Click Login comes into play a fully password less login system that enhances the safety and security of your site. Whether you are a website owner, a member, or a customer, 1-Click Login makes the login process easy and tension-free, eliminating the need for passwords or security concerns.

Using WP 1-Click Login is as EASY AS 1-2-3

Step 1 – Download the WP 1-Click Login plugin.

Step 2 – Upload to your Site and Activate it.

Step 3 – Start Using It – No Settings Needed.


A Unique way to login to your site is ready for You & Your Members, Customers, Course Users. It just takes less than 30 seconds to go from the old way to the new way.

You want to see it how it works watch the demo below-

Overview of 1-click login Review

VendorAnkur Shukla
ProductWP 1-Click Login
Launch Date2023-May-25
Launch Time11:00 EST
Front End Price$22
Bonuses>>Check my Amazing Bonuses <<
Refund Policy30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeWordPress Plugin
Discount>> Click here for the best discount offer <<
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill LevelAll Levels

Key Benefits

  1. Passwordless Login – This plug in offers for anyone who wants to simply and securely eliminate passwords from their website. So need to enter login credentials manually.
  2. Magic links – Instead of traditional username and password combinations, the plugin may offer the option to send users a magic link or a one-time login token via email. Users can click on the link or enter the token to directly access their accounts without needing to enter credentials manually.
  3. Easy to setup and install – The plug in installation and activation process is very simple. No need of complex configuration settings.
  4. Time saving – With 1-click login plugin users can seamlessly login to wordpress website within seconds by just one click. no need to enter passwords manually or constantly having to reset it if you can’t remember the password.
  5. User Account Sync – If you have multiple WordPress sites or a WordPress multisite network, the plugin may provide the ability to sync user accounts across those sites, allowing users to log in with the same credentials on different sites.
  6. Compatibility – 1-click login is compatible for all types of wordpress websites which includes – Membership sites, Course sites, E-commerce sites, business sites and so on.

1-CLICK WordPress Plugin
✔ No Setup or Configuration Needed.
✔ Works for All Kinds of WordPress Sites
✔ Newbie Friendly, Fully Tested – No tech skills needed.
✔ More Secure Than Using Regular Passwords.
✔ Every WordPress Site on the planet needs this.

Who is the Audience ?

All WordPress Website Owners, Bloggers & Marketers STOP Fussing & Forgetting Your Passwords, You Don’t Need Them Anymore – Now Login to Your WordPress Sites WITHOUT Any Passwords.

Works for all kinds of WordPress sites – No Matter What Kind of Site You Have.

Pricing and Funnel Details


  • WP 1-ClickLogin 1 Site for $9
  • WP 1-Click Login 50 Sites for $19
  • WP 1-Click Login Unlimited Sites for $24


with WP 1-Click Login PRO,
you can customize 10 different things inside the plugin settings for a 10x better experience for you and your customers-

10 Pro features with the pro upgrade

  • Set CUSTOM Link Expiry Duration
  • Set Number of times Link can be Clicked.
  • Set CUSTOM redirect after Login.
  • GI Choose where to show the Login Form
  • Add Login Form to Custom Pages
  • Customize Login Form Style
  • Customize 1-Click Login Email Content
  • Shortcodes for Custom Email
  • Customize Login Message
  • Enable/Disable Login Form


With this Developers License, you will be allowed to install and use this plugin on UNLIMITED CLIENT SITES.

Imagine how impressed your clients will be when you show them this plugin in action or when you can save hours of time on client work by simply installing this plugin on their site.

Imagine being able to charge $47 to $97 for things that this plugin can do in 10 seconds. Imagine installing this amazing plugin on all your client sites and charging them $97 for it.

They will be happy to pay once they see how super simple and easy to use this plugin is.

Want to FLIP SITES with this plugin installed?

You got it!

Go grab the developers license now and you can FLIP unlimited sites with this plugin added. Sites always become MORE VALUABLE when you install premium plugins on them and sell them.

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So on this page and this page only, you can…

  • Get the DEVELOPERS LICENSE to WP 1-Click Login
  • Install this plugin on unlimited client sites
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  • Use this plugin as a service and even FLIP SITES with this plugin installed.
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Honest WP 1-click login Review and conclusion

In conclusion, I would say A plugin is a piece of software that can be installed on your website to add or expand its functionality. Plugins can be uploaded to your website and quickly configured to give you functionality that would otherwise take developers a long time to create from scratch.

The plugin has been thoughtfully designed to prioritize user-friendliness, making it accessible and intuitive for individuals at all levels of experience with WordPress. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you will find the plugin easy to navigate and utilize effectively. It offers compatibility with different WordPress site types and integrates smoothly into existing installations, delivering a simple and hassle-free experience.

In summary, WP 1-Click Login provides a dependable and forward-thinking solution for individuals looking to elevate the login experience on their WordPress sites, while also emphasizing security and boosting user engagement. By implementing this plugin, website owners can simplify their authentication process and deliver a smooth and effortless login experience to their visitors, members, and customers. This streamlined approach eliminates friction and enhances overall user satisfaction, ultimately benefiting both the site owners and their user base.

Thank you for reading my review on WP 1-click login and I hope this helps you a lot with your buying decision.

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